Bay Cliff provides a 7 week summer camp for children, ages 3 – 17  who demonstrate proven need for therapy services (habilitation or rehabilitation) to address a physical disability/impairment and can be successful in our setting. Historically Bay Cliff has served only children from the Upper Peninsula and these children from rural areas are still the primary recipients of our services. However Children from the lower peninsula and beyond are also welcome.  Bay Cliff campers reside at camp for seven weeks to participate in an intensive therapy program that provides: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, instruction for the visually impaired, instruction for the hearing impaired, recreation therapy and music therapy services.  Campers are given fun-filled camping experiences as well, as they work on their therapy goals.  Click here to read more about Bay Cliff’s Therapy Program.

We have created an eligibility guidelines sheet to help understand what abilities and behaviors are necessary for the success of campers in each of our 5 Units.

If you think you know a child that would be a great Bay Cliff Camper, the next step is to learn about our camper referral process.