The Referral and Application process starts shortly after the new year begins.  If a child meets the eligibility guidelines, a referral is the next step in the camper application process.  New candidates, as well as returning campers, go through the same referral process.  A Bay Cliff Referral Form  is used for this purpose.  In January each year, these forms are sent out to school and hospital therapists, health departments, and physicians across the U.P.  Parents can request a referral form from a therapist currently working with their child or from their family doctor.  For families residing outside of the Upper Peninsula, a referral form can be obtained by calling our office (906-345-9314). Therapists and physicians may download a Referral Form from our website, as well.

Parents and therapists complete the form and mail it to Bay Cliff. A signed Referral Form gives Bay Cliff permission to contact the family to learn more about their child and to further determine if the child is eligible for the program.  It also allows Bay Cliff administrators to obtain IEP and medical records from schools, clinics, doctor offices, hospitals and other agencies.  (Bay Cliff keeps this information confidential.)  If it appears that a child is a potential candidate for the program, the parents are then sent an application.  Parts of the application are also sent to the therapists and classroom teacher currently working with the child.

The application is lengthy and will take a bit of time to complete, but it provides Bay Cliff with valuable information about each child.  The medical information pages of the application require a health physical to be done by the family physician and proof that the child does not have tuberculosis or a communicable disease.  Once the completed application has been returned to Bay Cliff, the final determination of acceptance is made by the camp administrators.  Parents are informed by phone call and letter if their child is accepted.  The acceptance letter includes information on when to bring their child to camp, what Bay Cliff will provide, and what the parents need to bring.

If you’re interested in referring a child for Summer 2019, please contact Martha Smith-Process or Theresa ‘Miss Tree’ Palmer