"I think of Bay Cliff as an OT’s dream… doing therapy everywhere all the time!  I loved the ability to collaborate with such talented therapists with diverse skills.  I don’t think I have ever worked among so many positive people who put the kids first.  I definitely still use the Bay Cliff songs a lot… they are motivating, stress relieving, sequencing and motor planning fun!  Bay Cliff means spirit and heart to me, it feels like coming home."
– Mrs Tarisa, OT

"Bay Cliff is an amazing experience to be able to provide physical therapy outside, at the beach, on a walk to pick thimbleberries… It is awesome to be part of real life experiences with the kids (camping, swimming, walking to meals, participating in a teen job, being more independent in the cabin with their friends) and help them work toward goals.  No insurance companies limiting visits or dictating what goals can be addressed.  I always draw on my experiences working at Bay Cliff to help me see the kids I treat as a complete person… not just what I see when they walk through the clinic doors but what their life is like on a daily basis, what struggles they deal with at home, in the community with their peers or at camp and really try to address real life goals."
– Miss Kelly, PT

"The biggest way I grew professionally from my summer at Bay Cliff was my confidence.  I work with students with similar physical disabilities as the Bay Cliff campers.  I came back this school year with increased confidence and excitement for the new interventions I worked on at camp.  At camp and in school, "Everything is therapy!"  I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with the incredible staff and campers."
– Miss Joanne, OT

"Perks: They don’t end!  You can do pool therapy, in clinic therapy, in cabin therapy, where-ever, what-ever.  There is an adaptive kayaking & adaptive waterskiing program that therapists can opt to participate in too.  Camp allows for tremendously creative treatment planning – (I like to treat on a tandem bicycle!)  This is seriously the opportunity of a lifetime."
– Miss Megan, OT

"Working at Bay Cliff gives you a tremendous opportunity to enhance children’s lives and help them to explore their talents outside of the traditional clinical setting.  It is an unforgettable experience!"
– Miss Christy, PT

"Imagine being surrounded by the beauty of nature, on a serene hilltop, with the laughter of hard-working, resilient and brave children.  This is Bay Cliff and the experience can only be understood if someone spends a summer working there.  Just one summer will stay in your heart forever – professionally and personally.  I came to Bay Cliff as an OT student for my rotation, returned the next summer as a licensed therapy team member and returned the following summer to volunteer on camp.  Once you have experienced being part of this unique and unforgettable camp life, you cannot stay away.  I may live in Ohio, but my heart is always with Bay Cliff."
– Miss Sam, OT

"I knew Bay Cliff was a good place the first night campers gathered for Flag.  A camper put every ounce of will he had into reaching the rope that let the flag down.  As he struggled to reach it, no one rushed forward to do it for him – and he did succeed.  Proud he was.  And a lesson learned for this therapist who sometimes reached to help too soon."  
– Miss Donna, OT

"Bay Cliff is therapy in its ideal form.  When the stress of dealing with insurance coverage, IEPs and all of the other headaches of paperwork, scheduling and therapy coverage get too much, I yearn for Bay Cliff and the simplicity of being able to make anything therapy at camp.  Bay Cliff is my dream job, being able to combine outdoor summer fun with intense therapy that really makes a difference in someone’s life.  Bay Cliff is where I started my career as a camp counselor and then CFY therapist, and the memories I have of camp always remind me of why I chose this career and reignite the passion I have for speech pathology.  I can’t think of any better networking experience professionally as I have friends in a variety of therapy fields around the country that I have met during by summers at Bay Cliff and still keep in contact with today.  Working at Bay Cliff has changed my life for the better and it will always have a special place in my heart."
– Miss Terri, SLP

"Bay Cliff is so rewarding… sunshine, campfires, kids laughing.  Where else can you play with the kids in the northwoods, on the beach, in the pool, on the playground AND in the therapy gym!  It’s a wonderful place to enjoy your summer and get the most pleasure out of it."
– Miss Denise, PT

"I applied to Bay Cliff as a chance to gain experience in the pediatric setting, and enjoy the summer outdoors.  As the children of Bay Cliff made their way into my heart, returning to camp in the summer months became more of a way of life rather than an isolated summer adventure.  I have been practicing occupational therapy for seven years, six of those years with the pediatric population.  I have enjoyed my work in both the clinic and school settings; however, a summer at Bay Cliff always reminds me of the reasons I enjoy being an occupational therapist. My best explanation of the joy of working at Bay Cliff is simply, “Camp is for the kids.”  This is a simplified explanation of the many freedoms I felt as an occupational therapist at Bay Cliff.  There was freedom to address goals that are important to the children and their families, without limitations of third party reimbursement source requirements or the impact on education.  There was freedom to use the natural richness of the outdoors, including the woods, beaches of Lake Superior, and wild berry bushes to provide unique and meaningful treatment sessions.  There was freedom to help a child learn to dress herself in her cabin, learn to feed himself at mealtime, and learn to hold a roasting stick over a campfire.  The most precious of any of these freedoms, though, was truly knowing the children with whom I worked.  When working in the clinic or school, I knew the children I worked with.  I knew some of their likes and dislikes, I knew their abilities, and I knew them during a portion of their day.  At Bay Cliff, I truly get to know the campers as children by living with them in our own community.  I get to know the campers when they tell me good morning, during three meals a day, with their friends, during the excitement of a camp birthday party, singing around the campfire, and saying good night in a tent.  I watched as children came to therapy with smiles on their faces and left therapy excited to tell their counselors of their fun.  For many years, I savored these freedoms and watched as children made significant gains within the short time frame of seven weeks."
– Miss Angie, OT