Bay Cliff provides a therapy-rich environment for children with physical impairments.  Each camper receives an individualized plan, of one or more of the therapies listed below, based on their needs.  Each camper has a "therapy schedule" of when they are to report for therapy sessions with their therapists.  In addition, the Bay Cliff therapists are present throughout camp to facilitate "therapy carryover" of goals outside of therapy sessions.  Camp counselors work closely with the therapists and are aware of the skills that their campers are working on, to incorporate & encourage practice during the activities & routines of the day.       

In Physical Therapy, campers work on independent mobility, strengthening & endurance, balance & coordination, and gross motor skills like running, hopping, skipping & jumping.

And the therapy continues around camp as campers
– work on sitting without assistance while roasting a marshmallow,
– wheel themselves up the 1200 foot wheelchair-accessible path from the beach, or
– escort their date into Bay Cliff’s Teen Prom, at the end of the summer, without using 
  their crutches. 

In Occupational Therapy, campers work on self-care, fine motor & visual motor skills, sensory integration and life skills, like cooking & money management.

And the therapy continues around camp as campers
– try to tie their own shoes in the morning,
– work on an arts & crafts project, or
– fold the American Flag at the end of the day.

In Speech Therapy, campers work on articulation, phonology, receptive & expressive language, pragmatics and using augmentative devices.

And the therapy continues around camp as campers
– practice their social skills at meals,
– sing camp songs after supper, or
– use their communication device to tell jokes during a talent show.

In Hearing, campers work on improving their communication skills, including sign language, and they learn how to take care of their hearing aids or cochlear implants.

And the therapy continues around camp as campers
– teach the rest of the camp the "sign of the day" during the "Bay Cliff Morning Show,"
– practice taking care of their hearing aids on their own, or
– listen to stories around the campfire.

In Vision, campers, who have low vision or are blind, work on pre-braille & braille activities, reading, writing, spacial concepts, and orientation & mobility.

And the therapy continues around camp as campers
– navigate their way to activities without assistance,
– read a story aloud to their cabinmates, or
– practice riding a bike & swimming in the pool.

In Music Therapy, campers work on combining many skills they’re working on, including voice, fine motor, posture & motor planning.

And the therapy continues around camp as campers
– show off their new talents as they play an instrument in front of a crowd,
– play "Taps" on a trumpet without the use of their hands, or
– compose a song for a camp talent show.

In Recreation Therapy, campers work on teambuilding, hand-eye coordination, self-esteem and balance.

And the therapy continues around camp, because…

                                             "Everything is Therapy at Bay Cliff!"