“It’s all about the kids!”

The summer therapy camp program is the heart of what we do here at Bay Cliff.  We are planning for our 85th consecutive summer!

Each summer approximately 170 children come through the gate at Bay Cliff for a summer filled of therapy and camping fun. They come with the dreams of walking, talking, playing, and taking care of themselves just like any other child. Helping them in this pursuit is a staff of dedicated camp counselors and therapists, instructors and nurses, and support personnel numbering 130. They provide the children with supervision & love, therapy & classes, activities & meals, and all the services to keep camp in good running order.  During the seven week long camp session, progress towards goals of greater independence is incredible.

The teen campers have been on their way to pursuing their dreams for many summers. Others, like the preschoolers, are just beginning. Several campers increase their strength to go longer distances using a walker. One leaves her wheelchair to walk with crutches. Others learn ways to independently brush teeth, style hair, or put on a shirt. One performs a wet exit from an adapted kayak for the very first time. Some stand through the flag ceremony with the aid of one crutch instead of two. Another learns more than 30 new vocabulary words in sign language. A boy learns to feed himself with a special spoon; a girl tells jokes with a computer that speaks for her. Many fashion crafts with their hands that they have never made before. They play new games and enjoy fun twists on old games. They learn to care for the environment around them and the curious critters in it. Everyone advances in those old-fashioned values of manners, sharing, helping each other, and taking turns!

Surrounded in an environment that is steeped in acceptance, rich with therapy, and profound in loving encouragement, every child has a beautiful opportunity to become aware of their dreams and to make those dreams come true.