Welcome to Camp Independence

Every summer day, the sun rises over Bay Cliff Health Camp and another day of memories begins. Camp Independence is a one-week camping program for adults with physical disabilities. It offers the opportunity to participate in recreational and social activities which usually are not available to the adults in their home environment.

A wide variety of activities and special events are available for campers, all conducted under the direction of an attentive and caring staff. The entire experience is unique, different, and best described by the campers themselves:

“I enjoyed every minute of every day!” (James Rabideau)

“I loved it – I never thought I would – it went by too fast!” (Loma Gereau)


Camp Independence is a week of fun! It is a scrap book of memories that will last a lifetime! To see some of the memories, read the 2018 edition of The Independence Times.

Camp Independence 2019 will take place August 18 – 24!
(Staff arrive August 16)

Adults, interested in being a camper, should contact us for more information.

Adults, interested in joining our staff, can click here for more information.

If you have any questions, e-mail baycliff@baycliff.org or call (906) 345-9314.